Customer Targeting and Relationships

Build Sales by building better relationships:

  • Oomiji is an automated ask, understand and respond platform that enables you to address exactly what consumers want.
  • Look-forward research, auto-CRM, instant segmenting and immediate strategic guidance on what to say to customers.
  • Oomiji provides a platform for true wine customer engagement by enabling you to address people on an individually targeted basis, specific to their characteristics, interests and preferences.
  • Integrate your CRM and email marketing on one seamless platform. Create customer segments of common wine needs, interests and perceptions.
  • Discover actionable insights through quick analysis of unstructured, conversational text that comes from asking open ended questions. (e.g. Tell us about the kinds of wines you like to drink.)
  • Increase active engagement through email, social media and website content specific to each segment’s characteristics. Drive the right promotions and increase sales.

Benefits to wine and spirits marketers:

  • Your questions become actionable because you can identify and respond to people based on what they tell you about your wines or their preferences.
  • Email marketing becomes more effective as content can be easily tailored to the needs and preferences of your customers.
  • Customer satisfaction is clear to see through quick analysis of conversational text.

New York, NY USA