What We Do/Our Services

Taking Your Products from Warehouse to Market

A Selection of Services from Affiliated Companies

What makes Liquid Library capable to deliver? We are a network of services in a shared platform, drawing on the experience and resources of established, independent companies that offer complementary solutions to your needs. We cover the journey from the bottles sitting in your warehouse to the availability of your products in the market, with support for each step of the way.

Expert Product Evaluation

Independent and authoritative evaluation of wine, spirits, sakes, cider and beer.

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Market Readiness and Entry

Marketing and logistics to enable marketplace entry and expansion.

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Press Outreach and Publicity

Reaching and engaging consumers and impacting trade influencers.

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Social Media Engagement

Encouraging engagement and fostering viral conversations on the major social platforms.

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Events: Trade and Consumer

Insuring visibility and creating a lasting impact at trade and consumer events.

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Customer Targeting and Relations

Identifying target markets and strengthening customer relationships.

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Compliance and Logistics

Legal compliance, operational logistics, accounting and finance, and sales reporting.

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Importing and Distribution

Your entry to missing or under-served markets, including sales and promotion.

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Media Placement and Promotion

Influencing and informing active buyers through published content in print and online.

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Digital Communication

Building web, email, and mobile reach through marketing, technology and design.

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Management and Staff Recruitment

Recruitment and empowerment for your management and brand team.

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Marketing Collateral

Creating and leveraging marketing assets in digital and print.

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